Chronic Kitchen – Gummy Bears



Product Details:

These gummy bears are made from scratch and contain 6mg THC per bear. Each package has gummy bears in a variety of flavours (grape, cherry,orange, strawberry, lemon and blueberry). In small doses you may become energized and able to perform tasks that require focus. However, as you eat more, the effects may become stronger and more sedative than energizing.  In conclusion, these little bears will allow you to more accurately control how much you consume. Available in 20 and 40 packs.  Pace yourself with these cute little bears!

Keep refrigerated and if Gummy Bears are not consumed within 7 days of arrival, they are best kept in the freezer, up to 6 months.


Ingredients: jello mix, sugar, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice, soy lecithin, coconut oil, and concentrated flavouring.

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