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Snake Oil consists of a very high quality Hemp Seed Oil, and a very pure Amber Cannabis Honey Oil. There is approximately 5.5% THC in Snake Oil, coming from a Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract. Full article can be found here.

This is a multi-faceted medicine. When taken orally, this product has shown to relieve spasms, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. Topically, it works amazingly well for things like Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin Sores, Cold Sores and Ear Aches. In addition it can be used as a massage oil for Aching Muscles, Sore Joints, or Headaches etc. Lastly when used Orally and topically,  Snake Oil may be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths.

The experience will vary depending on dosage, as with any cannabis product; go slow.  Our recommendation is to start with 1 drop at a time under the tongue and let it absorb sublingually. The very first drop may cause euphoria. The effects may stabilize when used as a regimen orally. There is no limit to how much you can put on topically.

Therefore, this is the perfect medicine for any ailment!

Category: Elixirs
Cross/Genetics: N/A
Experience Described As: Experience Varies Per Dose. Go slow, start 1 drop at a time under the tongue and let it absorb sublingually.
Effective For: Orally: Spasms, Seizures, Inflammation, Anxiety, Nausea. Topically: Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin Sores, Ear Aches, Muscle Pain, Some Cancer Growths, Cold Sores
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    Cindy (verified owner)

    ! The Snake Oil is a beautiful clear light amber oil that is simple and discrete to apply topically, and has a pleasant nutty flavour. The last two 10 ml bottles were absolutely not as this description states. It is dark green almost black and tastes horrible. I sure hope this get fixed. As a loyal user for the past 4 years to keep my cancer in remission I am disappointed that I have a product that I can’t use. Please please get this ironed out.

    • Tim

      Hello Cindy. We are sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with the current batch of Snake Oil.

      While it is true that this batch is darker than what you may be accustomed to, it is far from dark green or black. I personally use Snake Oil as my primary form of medication. I initially had my own concerns about the darker colour, but have found that it is just as effective and have not found it to have any taste that I would find unpleasant in any way.

      As with all things that are derived from Nature, every crop will have variations. This crop happened to produce a darker oil than usual.

      We want to assure you that the potency and efficacy of the Snake Oil has not changed. The producer of the Snake Oil takes great care to ensure a consistent, effective product. Unfortunately, Nature can throw you a curve from time to time.

      As the Snake Oil is produced in fairly large quantities, this darker batch will be on the shelves for several more months, but we can assure you that this batch will work just as well as the last one despite the darker appearance.

      We hope this will alleviate your concerns.

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  2. Question

    roseandries7 (verified owner)

    How much THC is in this?

    • Cherie


      We do not have the exact amount of THC in this product. When trying any new product we recommend going low and slow- You can always add more drops if needed. Hold for a minimum of 30 seconds under your tongue for better absorption. This product is great topically and sublingually. Thanking you, Cherie

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  3. Question

    willowgrove99 (verified owner)

    Hello-Was wanting to re-order the Snake Oil, but only the small bottles are shown. Will you be getting in more of the 50 ml bottles in the near future?

    • Krista


      Yes, at the moment we are currently sold out. These should be arriving soon, keep an eye out on our website for any updates.

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