Chronic Kitchen – Infused Honey (300mg/ea)


Product Details:

This medicated honey is made with THC Distillate, and contains 300mg of THC. It’s unpasteurized and hand crafted. In addition, it’s smooth and delicious and is perfect on toast, in your tea or infusing your own recipes. Add it to any of your favourite cold drinks for example, ice tea and lemonade. Great for bedtime!

Warm it up and give it a stir before dosing.

Per 1 teaspoon = 8mg THC

Full 190ml = 300mg THC

As always edibles affect everyone differently so eating a smaller portion and waiting 1 – 1 1/2 hrs is recommended.

Ingredients: unpasteurized honey, THC distillate, soy lecithin

Category: Edible
Cross/Genetics: N/A
Experience Described As: Sleepy, Relaxing, Pain Relieving
Effective For: Insomnia, Spinal Cord Injury, Chronic Pain, Cancer Treatment
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