Super Green Maeng-Da Kratom (10g/25g)


Disclaimer: As kratom is a plant grown in the wild, the physical characteristics (colour, texture, smell) may vary from batch to batch.

Highly regarded for its exceptional quality and consistent popularity on a global scale, Super Green Maeng Da stands out for its unique ability to enhance both mental and physical energy levels. With a rapid onset and long-lasting effects, this strain offers users a balanced combination of euphoria and mood elevation. It is widely recommended for individuals exploring kratom as well as seasoned users seeking a reliable and potent option for their needs.



How To Take Kratom Powder

If you are new to Kratom or an experienced user looking for alternative methods of consumption, there is a range of options available to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the traditional toss-and-wash method, adding it to smoothies, or encapsulating it for convenience, incorporating Kratom powder into your daily routine can be easily achieved to support your well-being.

  • Toss-and-Wash is a favoured method among dedicated Kratom users for ingesting the powder. It involves measuring the dose, tossing it into the back of the throat, and chasing it with a non-carbonated beverage. While some may find this method quick and convenient, others may struggle with swallowing the powder or avoid coughing. Breaking the dose into two parts is recommended for beginners. Familiarity with kava kava root may help ease into this method. As this technique bypasses taste buds on the tongue, it can be preferred by those averse to Kratom’s strong taste, quickly replaced by a pleasant flavour with a drink.

  • Smoothies, Teas and Other Beverages: When mixing powdered Kratom with liquids, it may require experimentation to find the best combination. Many Kratom users have found success incorporating the powder into blended smoothies, which can help mask its bitterness. Additionally, Kratom can be mixed with protein powder in smoothies or milkshakes, providing a refreshing way to consume it. For those who prefer hot beverages, Kratom tea can be brewed by stirring the powder into boiling water and adding sweeteners to balance the taste. Alternatively, mixing Kratom powder with cold drinks such as fruit juice or chocolate milk is another popular method of consumption.

  • Capsules: Kratom capsules provide a convenient and taste-free way to consume Kratom powder, perfect for on-the-go use and discreet functionality. Whether at work, while traveling, or socializing with friends, these capsules offer a portable solution for enhancing well-being and managing daily stressors. Ideal for beginners seeking simplicity in their Kratom regimen, homemade capsules can be easily crafted using an affordable capsule machine available online. By exploring various capsule sizes to determine the most suitable dosage for individual preferences, users can streamline their Kratom intake and efficiently prepare their supply for extended periods, ensuring accessibility and convenience in their daily routine.

  • Kratom in Food: Kratom is easy to mix into your daily nutrition intake, and the benefits of powder are unaffected unless you cook or bake it. Even when integrated into cooked items, the advantages can still be enjoyed, although the potency may vary for some individuals. To enhance palatability, consider mixing the powder into applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, or pudding, and adding lemon juice to yogurt for improved taste. When blending Kratom with other ingredients, be mindful of texture variations that may impact the final product. Experiment with different ratios of Kratom-to-food while mixing and adjusting ingredients as needed to mitigate the taste, allowing for a more enjoyable and personalized culinary experience.

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