Sour Cream


70% Sativa | 30% Indica

The Sour Cream strain is known for its potent effects, offering users a strong euphoric and energizing high initially due to its high THC content. However, as its indica genetics kick in, the experience transitions into a more physical and relaxing sensation that can be ideal for unwinding and alleviating any built-up tension or stress. Overall, it provides a well-rounded high that caters to both the mind and body.


Product Details:

Cross/Genetics:  Sour Diesel x G13 Haze

Experience: Sour Cream is a potent strain with high THC levels that initially delivers uplifting and energetic effects but transitions into a more physically relaxing experience due to its indica genetics. This combination of effects makes it a versatile option for users seeking both mental and physical relief.

Benefits:¬†This strain could potentially be beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue due to its reported therapeutic properties. It may help promote relaxation and alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions, providing a sense of calm and relief for users. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using any strain for medicinal purposes to ensure it is a safe and appropriate choice for individual needs.

Features: The dark green nugs with brown hairs and the aroma of candy, flowers, vanilla, and diesel fuel indicate a complex and unique flavor profile likely resulting from the influence of the Sour Diesel parent strain. This combination of scents and taste notes suggests a potentially intriguing and potent cannabis experience for consumers.

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