Platinum Grapes


70% Indica | 30%Sativa

This strain is celebrated for its remarkable genetics, enjoyable experience, potential benefits, and visually stunning features. With its balanced effects, delightful flavour profile, and overall greatness, Platinum Grapes stands out as a strain that promises a memorable and satisfying cannabis journey.






Product Details:

Cross/Genetics:  Platinum Kush x OG Kush Breath

Experience:  On the nose, you will be hit with an obnoxious grape aroma, which will transfer through to the smoke. On the exhale, grapes, cream, and slight fuel flavours round out this true exotic genetic.

Benefits:  Platinum Grapes can be a very effective medication, It’s best used to alleviate anxiety, depression, irritability, migraine headaches, and everyday stress

Features:  This flower is known for having a powerful aroma which is combined with crystal-covered flowers that feature dark purple undertones along with bright orange accents.

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