Moroccan Hash


Sativa Dominate

This domestic Moroccan Hash is super malleable, pressed hash that is potent and perfect for the import lovers! Morocco has been called the Mecca of hashish and this is a beautiful example of tasty import hash. It has a spicy flavour and smell and is great in a pipe, bong or in a joint. If your looking for a nice hash to kick back and unwind, this one will help give you chill vibes


Product Details:

Cross/Genetics: N/A

Experience: This potent hash delivers an immediate surge of intense energy upon exhale, igniting a euphoric buzz that uplifts your mood and sends your mind racing with rapid thoughts. The tingly euphoria is not only strong but also induces a frenzied mental state, transporting you to a heightened state of consciousness.

Benefits: Moroccan Hash is a potent form of cannabis that has been found to be effective in treating a variety of medical conditions such as chronic fatigue, inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic stress or PTSD, and chronic pain.

Features: Moroccan Hash offers a complex and bold flavour profile with a unique combination of spicy, flowery, and earthy notes. The hint of black pepper and herbs adds a layer of depth to the overall taste experience. This description suggests a rich and aromatic experience for those who enjoy strong flavours in their hash.

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