TMCD Pocket Ashtray



Pocket Ashtrays can prevent wildfire, protect ecosystems, & are made of recycled materials. Our reusable Pocket Ashtrays utilize an airtight seal that suffocates smokables while locking in odour & contents. Simply drop in the lit butt & snap shut.

They are lightweight, discreet , block odours and are easy to dispose of. They’re perfect for the beach, walks in the park or picnics by the lake.

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD) is a non-profit society. All profits & donations go back to our medicinal members, community and funds our ‘Get your Drugs Tested’ Facility and Harm reduction centre on East Hasting St.

By purchasing these pocket ashtrays not only are you helping your local parks, beaches and wildlife; you are supporting your local community.

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