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Product Details:

This is a great starter kit for anyone looking for a quality oil vape pen. Available in high CBD Meltdown, Kandy Kush, Lemon Head, NYC Diesel Sweet Island Skunk and Deathstar.  Comes with a 0.5mL refill of your choice, a 510 thread battery and a USB charger.  If your looking for a healthier alternative, vaping may be it.  This cutting edge technology allows you to get potent and fast-acting medicine anywhere you go.  Purchase our C02 Oil Syringes for the refillable cartridges when finished.

There are 3 heat settings on the battery and it has a pre-heat function.

How to use:

Click it 5 times to turn on, and off.

Click the button 3 times to change the voltage settings.  (White-2.7v, Blue-3.1v and Red-3.6v)

Click the button 2 times to start 15 second pre-heat cycle.

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*Disclaimer* Due to the change of elevation and pressure endured during delivery products may leak.


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