Twisted Extracts – Sativa Tincture





Twisted Extracts Sativa Tincture

Category: Tincture
Experience Described As: Euphoric, Focused, Calm.
Effective For: Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Nausea, Insomnia.
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Product Details: These new tinctures from Twisted Extracts are made with avocado oil, so it makes for tastier medicine. If you love the Twisted Extracts gummies, you gotta try this! Available in both 1:1, and the 3:1 which has 3x the amount of CBD to THC. This is an excellent way for people sensitive to smoking cannabis to ingest THC and CBD into their systems.
Sativa 1:1 contains: 150mg CBD, 150mg THC
Sativa 3:1 contains: 225mg CBD, 75mg THC

Store product in a cool, dark place

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