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TMCD – CBD Oil (780mg) 1mL


Full Spectrum CBD 780mg

Product Details:

Due to the purity of this product, crystallization may occur. Warm up the syringe in your hands or run under warm water with the cap on to soften oil. Start with a dose the size of a grain of rice in the morning. Take orally, daily as needed. May take with food. Increase dose to achieve desired results. This oil can be dabbed, but it has a “sobering” effect for people using THC, and it can reverse the psychoactivity effects of it. Excellent and extremely pure CBD oil is the perfect medicine for a variety of ailments. Contains 780mg of CBD.

Category: Elixirs
Cross/Genetics: Hemp/Full Spectrum CBD
Experience Described As: Can be euphoric for beginners, will stabilize to no effects as a regimen is followed.
Effective For: This product has been shown to relieve spasms, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths.
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