Strawberry Feels CBD Gummies


by SeC
25mg of CBD per gummy (50mg per package)

These 2 exquisite strawberry-shaped SeC gummies taste just like they look … like luscious strawberries! Each delicious gummy contains 25mg of CBD Isolate, raw cane sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, colouring, flavouring, and other natural ingredients.

Remember, size and body weight have little to do with your tolerance to cannabis. Try taking a small bite or two of a gummy and wait. It could take up to 2 hours to feel the desired effects. Micro dosing the first few times is a great way to discover your optimum dosage.

Always store gummies in a cool and dry place or they could melt.

We assume no responsibility for edibles that melt or change form in transit. This is more common during the hot summer months.

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