Sour Cheese


60% Sativa | 40% Indica

Sour Cheese, a sativa dominant hybrid strain, was created by breeders by crossing the popular strains of Cheese and Strawberry Diesel. With a well-balanced combination of both indica and sativa effects, Sour Cheese has become quite the fan favorite. Users describe the Sour Cheese high as incredibly balanced, leaving both mind and body feeling relaxed yet euphoric and uplifted. The transition into a moderate couch-lock that’s slightly sedative is smooth and won’t put you to sleep.


Product Details

Cross/Genetics: Cheese x Strawberry Diesel

Experience: You’ll initially experience a euphoric and uplifted state that seamlessly transitions into a moderate couch-lock that’s slightly sedating but won’t put you to sleep – leaving you feeling both relaxed and refreshed.

Benefits: Sour Cheese is an amazing strain that can provide relief for those suffering from glaucoma, arthritis, and chronic pain. Throughout the experience, you will feel a sense of calm in both your mind and body. It’s an excellent choice for anyone dealing with these types of health issues.

Features: Sour Cheese combines the best of both worlds – the indica and sativa effects – giving users a well-balanced experience. Its infamous taste is a combination of pungent earthy cheese and potent diesel notes, followed by an aroma that is a mix of cheesy diesel and spice.

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