Seedsman Haze


100%  Pure Sativa

Seedsman haze is a must-try strain for those who want a delicious taste and uplifting effects. With citrus undertones and a sticky texture, it’s great for daytime use and can help ease systems of depression and fatigue. This fresh and potent strain is perfect for those who want a pep in their step.


Product Details:

Cross/Genetics:  Colombian Gold x Thai x Acapulco Gold x Indian Landrace

Experience: Experience the potent and euphoric effects of Seedsman Haze. This pure sativa boasts sticky, crystal-covered buds with a sweet pine and haze aroma.

Benefits:  It’s slow burn produces a smooth smoke white ash, making it perfect for treating stress, depression and anxiety.

Features:  Seedsman Haze is known for it’s citrus undertones and is extremely sticky nugs. It’s perfect for the daytime and is helpful to keep you motivated while for relieving symptoms associated with depression and fatigue. Try this fresh strain if you’re looking for some energy and smiles.

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