Romulan Smalls


90% Indica | 10% sativa

Romulan is a rare and enigmatic strain that combines the dense, indica-rich flavors of its parent plant with the subtle, sativa-driven notes of White Rhino. Its sweet, earthy aroma and taste unfold with hints of pine and citrus, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquility. As the effects take hold, a deeply relaxing body high settles in, accompanied by a dreamy, euphoric sensation that leaves users feeling weightless and detached, perfect for unwinding and surrendering to a deep state of relaxation.



Product Details:

Cross/Genetics: N/A

Experience: Indulge in the euphoric and relaxing effects of Romulan, a popular strain that’s perfect for unwinding on a lazy evening or on a cozy rainy day. Its couch-lock potential is well-documented, making it ideal for those seeking a laid-back, at-home experience. Medical marijuana patients rave about Romulan, praising its potency and effectiveness in alleviating various symptoms.

Benefits: Additionally, Romulan has been known to help combat depression and stimulate appetite, providing a much-needed boost for individuals struggling with these issues.

Features: Romulan cannabis is renowned for its enchanting aroma, which combines notes of sweet earthy undertones with hints of pine and citrus, evoking a sense of serenity. As the effects take hold, the body is enveloped in a deeply relaxed state, accompanied by a dreamy, floating sensation that transports users to a state of weightless tranquility.

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