Purple Sherbert



Product Details:

Purple Sherbet is an indica dominant hybrid strain  This strain is named after its appearance and flavour. This medicine provides relaxing effects , ideal for a relaxing night watching TV or hanging out with friends. You’ll feel lifted and filled with a sense of happy euphoria and creativity while easily carrying on conversations with those around you. A relaxing and soothing body high accompanies this cerebral lift, keeping you calm and slightly couch-locked. The aroma of this medicine is of sweet and sour fruits and citrusy grape that turns spicy. The flavour is similar with hints of ripe berries and spicy grapes.   Purple Sherbet is often chosen to treat depression, chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress and insomnia.

Cross/Genetics: Purple Kush x Sunset Sherbert
Experience Described As: Energizing, Happy, Focus, Euphoria
Effective For: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression,  Appetite Loss, Anxiety,  Insomnia
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