Platinum GSC Shatter (H)


50% Sativa /50% Indica

Platinum GSC is a potent hybrid strain with a relaxing high and milky smooth taste. Its effects quickly set in, leaving users feeling blissful and euphoric. This strain is perfect for those seeking an easygoing, yet enjoyable cannabis experience.



Cross/Genetics: OG Kush x Durban poison

Experience: You’ll feel euphoric from head to toe with a light physical tingle that activates your body without getting you up and off of the couch. This combination will quickly turn sedative, causing you to doze off before you realize what’s happening.

Benefits: Due to its potency, it is used predominantly for stress relief in patients. Other medicinal uses include treatment for most types of anxieties, pain alleviation, depression and sometimes insomnia.

Features: The smoke is almost milky smooth with a plethora of flavors. Although the taste is mostly sweet, there are earthy undertones. It tastes like chocolate, cherry, mint and lemongrass all at the same time.

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