Pink Kush


90% Indica | 10% Sativa

Pink Kush is a well-known heavy indica strain, highly regarded for its potent body high and medicinal properties. It induces a calming and euphoric effect, resulting in an increased appetite and feelings of happiness. Its popularity throughout history is a testament to its effectiveness in providing relief to individuals seeking to alleviate symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.


Product Details:

Cross/Genetics:  N/A

Experience: The effects of this substance are a combination of calming and intense euphoria. It brings about a delightful sense of happiness while also causing a strong craving for food, commonly known as the munchies.

Benefits:  The medical benefits of Pink Kush by delivering potent physical effects and calming euphoria. This strain is highly effective in treating anxiety, mood disorders, migraines, and chronic pain. Its striking purple color adds an aesthetic appeal that speaks to its potency and medicinal value.

Features: Pink Kush Cannabis buds boast a dense, compact structure with bright orange pistils and a light green tone. The buds emit a sweet, earthy fragrance with hints of pine and floral notes. Additionally, they contain plenty of resin and trichomes, which contribute to their potent reputation.

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