Get Your Drugs Tested Face Mask – One Size Fits All


One Size Fits All


Product Details: 

The Get Your Drugs Tested face mask is made by Brave Gowns.

The GYDT face mask is made with 2 layers of Anti-Microbial fabric. This soft, moisture-wick fabric is used to pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort and easier breathing ability. During this time face-masks are preferred and in sometimes required to be worn, the GYDT face masks have soft, stretchy, comfortable ear straps, and a hidden flexible nose-piece to ensure comfortable long term wear. Most importantly they cover a wide area to protect against droplets and particles from contacting the face. In addition the print is made with environmentally friendly water-based ink rather than plastic or PVC. Above all, our face masks are reusable and machine washable. Available in TMCD brand.

Face Masks can have a role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19, especially for healthcare providers and for people that have COVID-19. This is because masks act as a barrier and help stop the spread of droplets from a person’s mouth and nose when talking, laughing, yelling, singing, coughing, or sneezing. The BCCDC recommends people wear a face mask during this time along with frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

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