Garlic Budder


Mostly Hybrid

Product Details:

Not to be confused with the stuff you spread on your bread, this Garlic Budder is made from the unique and potent hybrid flower. It will hit you hard in both your body and your mind. It starts with a cerebral mind buzz that will then leave you feeling spacey and relaxed.

Budder is a cannabis extract that can be consumed by dabbing, using a vaporizer or orally. It is made by doing a quick-wash Isopropyl resin extraction process that creates a high THC concentrate which is made from some of our most beautiful buds. Most importantly these buds are selected for their density and crystal. It is best smoked in small quantities, by dropping a small amount in a vaporizer made for concentrates, or by placing a small amount onto a bed of cannabis or ash in your pipe or bong bowl. Moreover if you are consuming orally, it is best to place a rice grain size piece under your tongue. Above all each batch of THC is made in small quantities to ensure the utmost care.

Cross/Genetics: Made from Garlic Flowers
Experience Described As: Relaxing, Sleepy,
Effective For: Minor Aches and Pains, Headaches, Muscle Tension
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