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Full Spectrum Hemp Isolate Tinctures


 From: The Canadian CBD Co.

250 mg
500 mg
1250 mg

Category: Tincture
Cross/Genetics: Full Spectrum CBD
Experience Described As: Can be euphoric for beginners at first, but will stabilize to no effects as the regimen is followed. Users may also experience physical relaxation and sleepiness.
Effective For: Depression, hypertension, mild insomnia, palliative care, pain and spasticity
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Product Details: Pure CBD hemp isolate concentrated with full spectrum cannabinoids. For every 1ml, in the 250mg tincture, there is approximately 8mg of CBD. For every 1ml, in the 500mg tincture, there is approximately 16mg of CBD. Lastly, for every 1ml, in the 1250mg tincture, there is 40mg of CBD. Each tincture bottle contains less than 0.03mg of THC per 1ml.