We have temporarily ceased cannabis sales at our East Hastings location effective June 5th, 2019 until further notice. The location will remain open as an Education Centre while full service is available at 1182 Thurlow St at Davie St.


Cranganja Oat Bar


These Oat Bar’s are a fantastic alternative for the health conscious individual.

by Euphoria Potions and Edibles

Category: Edible
Cross/Genetics: N/A
Experience Described As: Relaxing, Sleepy, Pain Relief
Effective For: Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Anxiety
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Product Details: A nutritious bar packed full of nuts, seeds and cranberries, and provides a strong dose of 100mg of THC. When consuming these tasty treats, we always suggest a low and slow approach.

We assume no responsibility for edibles that melt or change form in transit. This is more common during the hot summer months.

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