Congo Cross


70% Sativa | 30% Indica

Congo is a strain that offers a balanced experience, thanks to its combination of stimulating sativa genetics and relaxing Kush genetics. This unique blend results in a euphoric and introspective high that also brings energy . It is a great choice for individuals who want to improve their mood, combat lethargy, and alleviate symptoms of depression. Whether used in the morning or throughout the day, Congo can provide a positive and uplifting experience.



Product Details:

Cross/Genetics: Bangi Congo x Congo #3 x Pakistan Chitral Kush

Experience: Congo is a highly stimulating and energizing sativa strain that enhances social interactions and creativity. Its potent effects activate the senses and induce a cerebral high, making it perfect for a laid-back day spent at home or for outdoor activities with friends.

Benefits: Congo is a strain that provides an energizing and creative mental high, while also promoting relaxation in the body. With its high THC level, it can be effective for treating conditions such as stress, depression, pain, and fatigue.

Features: Congo buds have a delicious strawberry berry flavour with hints of honey. They give off a pleasant aroma of fresh berries and sweet honey, complemented by floral and earthy undertones. The buds themselves are large and dense, with vibrant green colour, orange hairs, and a coating of white crystals.

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