Chem Dawg Shatter (H)


55% Indica | 45% Sativa

Chem Dawg is a potent and invigorating strain renowned for its ability to enhance mental clarity and stimulate creativity. Its traditional scent of strong, earthy diesel accentuates its energizing properties, making it an excellent option for a productive start to the day or daytime consumption. Ideal for individuals seeking to elevate their mood and concentration, Chem Dawg offers a subtle yet delightful taste profile.


Cross/Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush


Benefits: Chem Dawg Shatter is a highly sought-after choice among patients for addressing a range of conditions including chronic fatigue, depression, nausea, chronic stress or anxiety, and chronic pain. Its potent effects and therapeutic properties make it a popular option for those seeking relief from various ailments, providing a well-rounded solution for overall wellness and symptom management.

Features: The Chem Dawg strain offers a harmonious and soothing high that combines both mental and physical effects. Initially lifting your spirits and melting away any troubling thoughts, it transitions into a state of pure joy and contentment. This experience is further enhanced by a surge of creativity and motivation, providing a gentle boost of energy free from any feelings of unease or tension.

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