CBD Gummy Rings by Chronic Kitchen


CBD Gummy Rings by Chronic Kitchen

Category: Edible
Cross/Genetics: N/A
Experience Described As: Relaxing, Pain Relief.
Effective For: Anxiety, Inflammation, Chronic Pain.
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Product Details: Rich in CBD, these raspberry lemonade rings are a great way to receive the multiple health benefits of CBD without the psychoactive ingredient (THC) that produces a high.
Each pack consists of 4x 25mg of CBD for a total of 100mg per package. As always, edibles effect everyone differently so eating a smaller portion and waiting 1-2 hours is recommended.
Ingredients: jello mix, sugar, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice, soy lecithin, coconut oil, and concentrated flavoring.
* keep them refrigerated to maintain freshness*

We assume no responsibility for edibles that melt or change form in transit. This is more common during the hot summer months.

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