We have temporarily ceased cannabis sales at our East Hastings location effective June 5th, 2019 until further notice. The location will remain open as an Education Centre while full service is available at 1182 Thurlow St at Davie St.


Canna Czar *NEW*


by: The Preroll Factory

Impress others with this fancy, extravagant cannabis cigar or treat yourself to the entire thing.

Canna Czars are hand rolled and wrapped in toasted hemp papers with 1.5g of B.C. craft cannabis and shatter caviar or temple balls in the center.

Once rolled, it is coated with THC distillate (98% Extracted, 85% THC) or flower rosin and covered in bubble hash or premium grade kief.

Each one comes with some hemp-wick and a wooden filter tip that makes it easier to reuse as many times as you wish. Feel free to put your Canna Czar back into its container and light it up  another time.


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