50/50 Oil by Trichome Gardens


Category: Elixir
Cross/Genetics: NA
Experience Described As: Experience varies per dose. We always suggest to start “low and slow”. A starting dose would be the size of a small grain of rice.
Effective For: As this product was made according to Rick Simpson’s oil, we suggest the same regimen when being used to treat/battle cancer which is made with both CBD and THC. Effective for Pain, Nausea and Insomnia. Higher doses may be required for those with cancer, extreme pain and or nausea
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Product Details: While CBD only products are therapeutic to consumers, it is important to keep in mind that both CBD and THC have a special synergy when taken together due to the unique composition of cannabinoids in each product. If you are not finding the relief you are looking for using a CBD only product, this may be the product for you. Trichome Garden’s 50/50 oil is made using the Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears recipe and comes in an oral syringe that contains 200mg CBD and 200mg THC. Each line is 0.1mL and will administer 20 mg of both CBD and THC. When dosing, we always suggest a “low and slow” approach. Most adults should start at 0.1ml orally in the evening to determine how the medicine effects them. This product can be used as a regimen and taken in daily doses to help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain from various causes, nausea and loss of appetite, insomnia for some.

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