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Here's what we have available today at our East Hastings location (880 East Hastings St.)
Open daily from 10am to 8pm, (11am-7pm on Sundays).

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  1. Betty White ($10/gram)By O'Shea Gardens 50/50. A pungent and resinous Kush cross. Clean and tasty. A great strain to lighten your mood and relax your muscles.
  2. Girl Scout Cookies($10/gram)By O'SheaMostly Sativa. Beautifully grown and nicely manicured. A nice spicy taste and a good euphoric high. May help with relaxation and creativity
  3. Jack Herer ($10/gram)By Santa Maria Gardens Mostly Sativa. A spicy clean smoke that will provide a clear and uplifting high. May help with anxiety. Good for creativity and focus to get things done.
  4. Lemon Haze ($10/gram)By VIP Mostly Sativa. A deep lemony citrus flavour combined with the spiciness of Super Silver Haze provides for a tasty and uplifting high. A great daytime strain for focus and creativity and may be effective in treating anxiety in social situations.
  5. OG Kush ($10/gram)By VIP Mostly Sativa. Uplifting, cerebral and soothing. Strong, fast acting, smooth and clean burning. Beautiful frosty buds. Good for daytime.
  6. Pineapple ($ 10/gram) By Island Organic Gardens Heavy Indica with a strong tropical fruit flavor. Good for focus and creativity. Light colored frosted buds. Great appetite inducer.
  7. Purple Kush ($10/gram)O'Shea Indica. Rich aroma, dense hand-trimmed buds and very tasty and clean. May alleviate anxiety and allow for relaxation.
  8. Skunk Haze ($10/gram)By Santa maria GardensSativa Dominant. Fruity Taste, Skunky smell. Skunk Haze can be physically relaxing but mentally stimulating. Aslo helps to induce appetite.
  9. Strawberry Cheesecake ($10/gram)By VIP70/30 Indica. An incredible berry aroma and taste. Clean flavour and ash with a smooth smoke and fruity aftertaste. May relieve pain and anxiety.
  10. PureHP ($8/gram) Indica. A pure and potent HashPlant. A great daily medication for mood elevation. Excellent for decreasing pain in muscles and joints, reducing nausea and increasing appetite. This crop may contain an occasional seed.


  1. Pre-Rolled Joints ($5/each,$20/4pk,$45/10pk) Choice of indica, sativa or a cross of both.
  2. Herbal Tea ($20/30g) A mixture of resinous stems and potent bag bottoms for steeping in your own medicinal teas and tinctures. The effects are uplifting, euphoric, and long lasting, with relaxing after effects. Good for pain and body tension. The directions are on the bag.
  3. Indica Trim ($35/56g;$65/112g) Organic and resinous trim from outdoor Emerald Wonder. Use to make your favourite recipes even better. Be inspired.
  4. Blue Nuken ($30/3.2gram) By Santa Maria GardensIndica. Kish x God Bud. A sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass. Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy day to day. Dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.
  5. Jack Herer ($50/5gram) Mostly Sativa. Jack's Back's Pre packed and ready. A spicy clean smoke that will provide a clear and uplifting high. May help with anxiety. Good for creativity and focus to get things done.
  6. Purple Penny ($20/2.1gram)By TriChome Gardens Indica. High CBD Strain! Funky fruit smell and a great taste. May be Good for pain relief and muscle-relaxant. Pennywise x Deep Purple Kush.
  7. Honey Pot ($9/1gram;$30/3.3gram;$63/7gram)By Hundred Mile Acres Mostly Sativa. A nice Afghani crossed with a fruity Sativa make this very resinous bud tasty and an effective pain distraction. May alleviate stress and anxiety.
  8. Violet Kush($10/gram) Mostly Indica. A Himalayan Sativa crossed with a Hindu Kush make this a thick and flavourful bud. Nice for pain relief and appetite stimulation.
  9. Strawberry Cheesecake ($10/gram:$30/3gram:$50/5gram)By VIP70/30 Indica. An incredible berry aroma and taste. Clean flavour and ash with a smooth smoke and fruity aftertaste. May relieve pain and anxiety.



Water and sieve extracted. Very pure and potent medicinal product. Best used in small quantities at a time.
PLEASE NOTE: Daily limit of 3g on any hash or kif products.


  1. Sweet Hybrid Blend Hash($22/gram)50/50. A beautiful golden ice-water extraction. Sweet taste, high in CBD, Very clean burning. Isl Sweet Skunk x NYC Sour x Purple Penny x God Bud .
  2. Park Hash ($16/gram)By Mostly Indica. A pressed hash May provide relief from anxiety and allow for a restful sleep.
  3. Power Hash ($14/0.5gram) By Mostly Indica. A beautiful, hard, brown hash Alleviates tired muscles and allow for a restful sleep.Good flavour and potency


Dry-sieve extracted. Less pure than bubblehash, may have some impurities such as fuzz.

  1. Bubba Kush Kif ($14/gram)By IOG. Indica. A beautiful blond powdered kif with an amazing aroma and abundant taste. May help alleviate pain and insomnia.

* All above varieties are subject to environmental contaminants, especially outdoor strains.


    **Temporarily out of stock**

Extracts & Concentrates:

    TriHoneyChome(THC):A quick-wash Isopropyl resin extraction process creates a high THC concentrate made with some of our most beautiful buds. Best smoked in very small quantities, by dropping a small amount in a vaporizer made for concentrates, or by placing a small amount onto a bed of ash in your pipe or bong bowl. Made with care in small batches. Aroma and texture consistency will vary with each strain.

  1. Cecil P. Cush THC ($30/0.5gram;$60/1gram) By Emerald City Extracts Mostly Indica. Strong, uplifting and euphoric. Smooth smoke, Beautiful golden concentrate. Great for daytime. May help alleviate pain.
  2. Bubba Kush THC ($30/0.5gram;$60/1gram)By Emerald City Extracts A small amount of this clean and tasty extract will produce a deep feeling of relaxation and pain relief.
  3. Honey Pot THC ($30/0.5gram) By Emerald City Extracts Mostly Sativa. Beautiful and tasty golden concentrate. A very small amount will produce a pleasant and euphoric high. May alleviate stress and anxiety.
  4. Pure HP THC($30/0.5gram; $60/1gram;$140/2.5gram)By Emerald City ExtractsIndica. A very small amount goes a long way with this potent blond mass of resin. Beautiful strong flavor, aroma, and feel. Good mood elevator.
  5. Super Kush THC ($30/0.5gram; $60/1 gram) By Emerald City Extracts Indica. Great aroma and flavour. May help with pain and relaxation. Hindu Kush x Northern Lights #5
  6. Angel Oil ($55/1gram;$80/1.5g;$130/2.5g;$250/5g )Indica. Organically grown in a medical grade garden with patients in mind. This oil is an effective pain reliever, and a great appetite inducer.
  7. Cherry Red Oil($45/gram;$110/2.5gram;$380/9gram) Mostly Sativa. By The Pottery. A beautiful clear ethanol extracted cherry oil. Made with Girl Scout Cookies. May provide relief from nausea and increase appetite. Excellent for creativity and focus.
  8. Hash Oil ($42/gram;$100/2.5gram)Indica. A rich dark amber oil. Mentally uplifting and muscle relaxing. Spicy and smooth, vaporizes very nicely. May alleviate pain by distraction.
  9. IOKO ($120/2gram;$250/4.5gram) By Island Organic GardensIndica. A beautiful and aromatic blend of Island Organic Kushes extracted together to provide this potent and tasty dark amber oil. Relieves muscle tension and pain. Great relaxing effects. Great in a vapourizer or spread on a paper.
  10. Pekoe Oil($120/2gram;$275/5gram) 50/50. A fabulous clear orange colored honey oil made using isopropyl alcohol. Very tasty and potent. A little goes a long way. May help with tremors and muscle tension.
  11. Tranquility ($50/1g;$100/2.0g)Indica. A rich dark amber oil. Mentally calming and muscle relaxing. Spicy and smooth, vaporizes very nicely. May alleviate pain and allow for a restful sleep.



Elixirs will feel different from edibles and from smoking due to unique way the cannabis is delivered.

  1. Snake Oil (10ml/$60; 50ml/$285) Quadruple strength Hugz Hemp Oil. Good for absolutely EVERYTHING! Contains 80 mg/ml Honey Oil.
  2. Snake Bites ($10/each) Two full droppers of Snake Oil. Can be used all at once or portioned out.
  3. Hugz Hemp Oil (30ml/$45) Clear hemp oil infused with high quality honey oil. Place a small amount under your tongue and hold it there until gone for maximum effect. Can be used topically to treat pain and various skin conditions and as a massage oil. Can be put into food or as a tincture. Contains 20 mg/ml Honey Oil
  4. CBD Rich Oil($42/1ml;$120/3ml;$360/3x3ml) A whole plant, Isopropyl alcohol extraction. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level. This product has been shown to relieve spasms, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths. A good per day starting dose would be 0.5mg per pound. A 40lb child would start with 20mg per day, spread out in 3 to 4 doses. There is 300mg CBD in a 1ml tube. CBD is approximately 30% of total material.

    1. Liberty Meds Canna Cacao Tincture ($32 /each) SALE 25% OFF This tincture is made with cacao, which has the ability to boost and potentiate the effects of cannabis, and 95% grain alcohol. May promote and prolong the feeling of well-being that anandamide can induce. Start with very small doses, this is a new batch made with a higher concentration of cannabis. Just 1-2 quick sprays under the tongue or inside cheek. Alcohol based. Numbing effect very similar to orajel.
    2. Eve's Tincture ($34/30ml) SALE 25% OFF OrganicCannabis flowers and Italian Figs are infused into Vodka in this tasty and soul-warming tincture. May help relieve pain and muscle tension.
    3. Eve's Lemon Haze Tincture ($34/30ml) SALE 25% OFF OrganicCannabis flowers from our beautiful Sativa dominant Lemon Haze and Italian Figs are infused into Vodka in this tasty and soul-warming tincture. May help to energize and relieve depression.
    4. Aphrodite's Tincture ($40/30ml) SALE 25% OFFA heart-warming Cannabis bud cold-infused into Bacardi 151 Rum and embellished with maple syrup, cinnamon and lemon. Use under the tongue or put into your hot drink. mmm


    1. 20mg THC Caps ($22/10;$100/50) Made with a high-grade Rick Simpson inspired oil decarboxylated and infused into organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil then put into a gelatin capsule. May help to alleviate depression and provide an energizing feel. Capsule can be opened and put under the tongue for more immediate effects. May also be used as a suppository.
    2. Cannacaps (6caps/$8.50,30caps/$40) Encapsulated organic BC Triple 'A' cannabis with spirulina and organic olive oil. Use as desired.
    3. CBD Rich Caps($14/10;$67/50;$160/125)Decarboxylated and milled into a flour consistency and put into a capsule. 20mg CBD per 0.5g capsule. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level that has been shown to relieve spasms, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths.
    4. Heavenly Hash Caps ($15/5pack; $140/50pk) Hash in hemp oil in a gelatin capsule.


    1. Shakti Healing Oil($16/25ml) SALE 25% OFF Made with Cannabis flowers, Olive oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil, essentail oils of Ylang Ylang oil, and Rose. This beautifully scented oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, or psoriasis, and can provide relief aching muscles.
    2. Holy Anointing Oil ($36/30ml)Organic Made with Mary Magdalene's biblical recipe. Cannabis bud, Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Cassia and Myrrh infused into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also contains Almond Oil, Sunflower Lecithin Oil and Vitamin E for absorption into the skin. Can be used to anoint, or massage into the temples for an aromatic massage. Topical Use Only Refrigeration is recommended
    3. Anointing Oil (30ml/$30) The biblical recipe. Can be used to anoint, or as a massage oil. Contains olive oil, cannabis, myrrh, cassia and sweet cinnamon leaf. Good for eczema and psoriasis. Helps heal typical flesh wounds and greatly enhances flow of spiritual energy.
    4. MJ Creams are made with a neutral base cream (arTHrighteous cream on our menu), infused with Marijuana Resin, Hemp Seed Oil, and Essential Oils. They are used to treat the symptoms for a wide variety of skin and muscle conditions, providing relief from pain and inflammation.

    5. Pure arTHrighteous Cream ($5/Trial Size; $18/42g; $42/140g; $70/250g) SALE 25% OFF The "Pure" formulation contains no essential oils and is best for those who seek relief but are sensitive to the Essential Oils used in our other creams.
    6. Calm ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml) SALE 25% OFF Infused with Lavender, Chamomile and Marijuana for a calming tonic cream. Soothes muscles, relieves irritation, reduces stress.
    7. Heat ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml)SALE 25% OFF Infused with Cinnamon, Ginger and Marijuana for invigorating effects. Use to increase circulation, tighten skin, reduce pain.
      Warning! Do not apply to your face or to tender skin. Cinnamon and Ginger cause the skin to flush and may cause stinging.
    8. Pain ($22/50ml; $42/100ml) SALE 25% OFF Infused with Arnica, Juniper and Marijuana for fast-acting relief from muscle pain, joint pain and inflammation.
      *Not for internal use.Arnica should not be applied to open cuts or open wounds.
    9. Skin ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml) SALE 25% OFF Infused with Comfrey, Calendula and Marijuana to treat many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne .
    10. Lips Salve($6/4.5ml;$10/7.5ml) SALE 25% OFFBeeswax salve infused with Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil and Marijuana Resin, to maintain lip health by preventing and treating cold sores and chapping.
    11. Oxum's Honey Rose Edible Lube($32/50ml)SALE 25% OFF Organic A beautiful massage oil and personal lubricant. Made with Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cacao Butter, BC Honey, Lecithin Oil, Vitamin E, Persian Rose Oil (Food Grade).
    12. Merry Jane's Personal Lube ($35/10mL) SALE 25% OFF This intimate product is a wonderful addition to his or her personal play time, or enhanced pleasure with your partner. Made from Hemp Seed Oil and a high quality Cannabis Oil, just a littl' bit will “dew” ya!

    Cooking Oils

      The Happy Chef T.H.C. oils are infused with the same high quality base resin oil used in our trusted Snake Oil. Use these oils for all your salads and uncooked foods as well as all your baking and cooking recipes.

      Canna Grapeseed Oil and Canna Extra Virgin Olive Oil on SALE for 25% off.

    1. CannaGrapeseed Oil by The Happy Chef ($35/118ml) SALE 25% OFF Grapeseed Oil is suitable for baking with and for cooking at higher heats. Contains 2.5mg THC per ml.
    2. Canna Extra Virgin Olive Oil by The Happy Chef ($36/118ml;$72/236ml) SALE 25% OFF Adds a nice twist to salad dressings or your favourite recipes. Contains 2.5mg THC per ml.
    3. Canna Butter ($28/4oz)By CJC Perfect for toast in the morning or in any baking.
    4. Hemp Oil ($13/500ml) Amazing Clear Hemp Oil that does not need refrigeration and you can cook with it! Find out more at HempHearts.com


  6. 710 Torch ($40/each) These portable torches are equipped with a stainless steel blade over the flame which makes the perfect surface to vaporize Cannabis extracts. Refill with high quality butane to prolong torch life. Extract hooter included. This item is not available for mail order.
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    Availability of specific strains and products may be limited.