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Health Canada Medical Marihuana Access Division
Official government site for legal cannabis access

Canadians for Safe Access
National umbrella group for medical marijuana access

BC Compassion Club Society
Medical Cannabis Dispensary & Wellness Centre

Toronto Compassion Centre
Toronto medical marijuana access club

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society
Vancouver Island medical marijuana access club

Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada
Medical marijuana buyers club with locations in Victoria and Halifax.

Hemp Users Medical Access Network
Medical marijuana compassion club located in Toronto.

The American Alliance For Medical Cannabis
US umbrella group to promote legal access to medical marijuana

International Association for Cannabis as Medicine
European-based organization researching medical uses of marijuana

International Cannabinoid Research Society
International organization to research marijuana extracts and synthetics

1998 UK House of Lords Report on Medicinal Cannabis
Comprehensive report into medical marijuana
Sensible BC
The Sensible BC campaign is a project of the Sensible Change Society. Working hard for a Sensible British Columbia

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Current and former police officers who oppose the drug war

Vancouver's Pivot Legal Society
Defending the poor and homeless from police brutality

November Coalition
Grassroots group against drug war injustice

Common Sense on Drug Policy
Factual information on drugs and drug laws

Drug Peace Campaign
Seeking a peaceful end to the US drug war

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
Reform of US forfeiture laws to restore due process and property rights

Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
International alliance of teachers for against prohibition.
Cannabis Culture Magazine
Canadian magazine devoted to marijuana issues

Treating Yourself Magazine
Canadian magazine for medical cannabis users.

Cannabis Health Magazine
Canadian magazine devoted to medical marijuana

Canadian site with marijuana-related video archives

Media Awareness Project
Constantly updated archive of drug-related newspaper articles

Drug Truth Network
Media dedicated to exposing the war on drugs

Narco News Bulletin
Drug war & democracy news from South America

Drug War Facts
Excellent collection of fully referenced facts about drugs and drug law